Prayer Videos

Jesus said, “I am the way the truth and the life; no one comes to the Father except through me.”  There are over 7 billion people around the world, and regardless of what they believe, Jesus loves them all.  

Prayercasts below give insight and direction into praying for followers of the world’s major religions – Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims, Jews, Christians, and atheists.  Consider praying regularly for one or more of these blocs of people that God would draw individuals to faith, and that these ones would then grow strong in grace and personal knowledge of Jesus.

Jesus Loves Buddhists

Of the nearly 500 million Buddhists in the world, 86% have never spoken with a Christian.  They’ve not heard the Good News of Jesus, at least not in a language they understand from someone who cares.  So, take a few minutes – watch this video and join in heartfelt prayer for Buddhists of this world.  Mae, the woman who prays, is a bit hard to follow, so a rough transcript follows.

“Father, I come to you for the Buddhists of this world.  You say, Father, that you want all people in this world to be saved – you don’t want any to perish.

“You love all the people in this world, even Buddhists.  So, please have mercy on them. Help them to understand your truths. Open their eyes to see that you are the only true God, the one who created them.  Please, when someone shares with them about you … let them be touched by your love.

“Father, remove spiritual hindrances that might prevent them seeing you, coming to you, and believing in you.  If they don’t have someone to share, how can they know about you?  So please, Father, I pray that you raise and send more missionaries to Buddhist countries of this world, workers who will go share the Good News of Jesus with them.

“I pray all these things in your precious name. Amen.”

Jesus Loves Hindus

Be moved to pray for Hindus and the nation of India where the vast majority live.  India, a country of 1 billion people and 1,600 languages, most of them separated from any community witness for Jesus and without a verse of translated Scripture.

A partial transcript of Vik’s heartfelt prayer …

“I pray, God, for Hindus that you would show yourself to them in their dreams and visions instead of the thousands of gods they worship.  Thank you, Lord, for these people that you have created — in the name of Jesus I pray against the spirits of idolatry, and lust, and anger that so often control them.

“I pray for more of your Spirit to move among them and bring Hindus to Christ, in India and in other parts of the world such as America, and England, and Europe, and many other parts of the world.  Father, I pray that Hindus will come to trust in you, the only God, the light of our salvation, that they will read your Word, and come to have fellowship in the Holy Spirit, and that they will then preach the Gospel with boldness to others.

“I pray, Father, for strength and courage for those whom you have called to bring the Good News to Hindus and to the nation of India, and at the same time humility.  Thank you for what you have done so far for these people, and for the good things that you will yet do.  In Jesus’ name, amen.”

Jesus Loves Muslims

In the Islamic world there is only one Christian missionary witness for every 100,000 people.  In spite of this lack of witness, there are many Muslims turning to faith and the freedom found in Jesus Christ.  Watch this prayercast and begin praying with us for a vast group of people who are loved by the Lord but who have yet to come to know Him personally.

Jesus Loves the Jewish People

Jesus loves the Jewish people.  While millions of God’s chosen people deny Jesus as Messiah, God remains faithful in His pursuit of His “treasured possession.”

Watch this prayercast video, the fourth in this series of praying for major world religions.  And pray!  Pray for healing of the Jewish people from past wounds inflicted by Christians. Pray for them to understand that they can accept and believe in Jesus as their Messiah without denying their Jewish identity.

Jesus Loves Christians

Another powerful prayercast!  Take a few moments to watch and pray.  Join in these specific prayers for Christians, followers of Jesus, all over the world:

  • For love for God alone to consume His people.
  • For a wave of repentance to demolish strongholds, tear down idols, and revive His church.
  • For the power of the Holy Spirit to fill His people once again.
  • For total surrender to the call to advance His Kingdom around the world.
  • For the 160,000 martyred each year for their faith.

Jesus Loves Atheists

Jesus loves atheists, a belief system claimed by 13% of the world’s population.  While increasing numbers of people deny the existence of their Creator, He relentlessly and lovingly pursues them with revelations of Himself. So please pray …

  • Pray for heart barriers that separate faith and science to be shattered.
  • Pray for prejudices, hurts, misrepresentations of God, and intellectual hurdles to be overcome by His Truth. 
  • Pray for atheists to experience and know the undeniable presence of God.

Aerial Drone Footage of Ukarumpa and Kassam Pass

Ukarumpa Mission Community


Ukarumpa, one of the mission communities we hope to resource annually with Taking Care Beyond.  Tim grew up here and attended Ukarumpa Int’l School in the 1960s and ’70s. Later on, in the 2000s, Tim and Karen lived here with their 3 girls , each of them also graduating from UIS. During those years, the work on the Tabo New Testament came to completion and was celebrated with the help of many SIL coworkers and dear friends.

Ukarumpa, a great place to live, a great place to serve in Kingdom ministry, and a great place to raise children and provide them with a quality education! 

A Prayer for Afghanistan

Afghans are known for their passionate natures and generous hospitality, but only about 2,000 are believers in Jesus. There is interest in reading the translated New Testament in urban areas, but distribution into the tribal-controlled countryside remains difficult and illegal – about two-thirds of the country!

Although the government in Kabul has agreed to the International Charter of Human Rights and guarantees religious freedom, most people still cling tightly to customs that disown and banish anyone who converts to Christianity. Afghanistan is one of the least reached nations in the world with 84% of Afghans never having heard the life-giving good news of Jesus.

“With God all things are possible” (Matt. 19:26). God relentlessly pursues the people of Afghanistan with His unfailing love. Through prayer we can join in what God is doing. Watch this prayer video. And pray!

Creation Calls

God has patterned amazing beauty and intricate design throughout the world. Watch Creation Calls by Brian Doerksen, Canadian songwriter. Be moved again to faith in our awesome God, who even more amazing than His work in nature, desires that ALL people come into loving, growing relationship with Him.

A Vision for Transformation

Bible translation into the sign languages of the world, is one of the “cool” expanding ways in which the Good News of Jesus is reaching people who have not yet heard. Of the 1,600 languages that still need Bible translation, a significant percentage are deaf communities around the world. Take a few minutes to watch this video of reaching the deaf people of Thailand. May you be moved with us to pray for and support this part of God’s advancing Kingdom mission.

Pray for Papua New Guinea

A powerful prayer video for Papua New Guinea, one of the countries we visit annually to encourage those who serve there in cross-cultural ministry.  Join us in praying for a land and people we’ve come over the years to deeply love:

  • Pray for an end to tribal fighting, revenge killing, and sorcery-related violence.
  • Pray for audio discipleship materials in all 300+ languages still needing Bible translation work.
  • Pray for unity of the Spirit across isolated and diverse church communities.