Return to Tabo People, October 2018 – Had not visited for nearly 5 years, but returned to a joyous welcome and seeing the people continuing to grow in grace and in knowing Jesus.  Copies of the New Testaments in 2 dialects sold out!  Scriptures widely used in homes and churches!  Churches filled with worshipers!  A new generation of leaders emerging!  Tabo believers taking the good news of Jesus to adjacent language groups!  And blessings of better healthcare and education for most of the people – such a contrast to the lack of basic services only a couple of decades before.

Isaiah 55:11 – My Word shall not return to me empty without accomplishing my desire and achieving the purpose for which I sent it. 






Thirty Years Ago – In February 1988 we moved to live among the Tabo people of PNG to serve and work alongside them in Bible translation and church planting.

Photos from that first and subsequent early years of ministry: middle daughter Jessica born that first year; Tim typing (!) first manuscript of Mark; first translation helper Manale; travel by outboard motor on Aramia River; Abby playing in canoe; first baptisms; local people building home; our three girls in 1994.




Tanzania/Uganda, June-July 2018 – Photo groups: first trip to Africa; time in Dar es Salaam sharing with Wycliffe Bible Translator (SIL-UTB) workers at annual spiritual retreat; visit to Care for Aids ministry in Dar; time in Kampala, Uganda with other mission friends; time in SIL’s regional Bible translation center in Musoma, Tanzania.







Bay Presbyterian Church – an amazing church with a history of sharing God’s heart for the nations.  For many years, the people there were an integral part of helping us minister to the Tabo people of PNG in Bible translation and church planting.  Together we finished that season of ministry well. Together we celebrated God’s faithfulness.

Photos: one of 500 book bags BPC had made and sent for 2006 Tabo New Testament dedication; Pastor Tom Madden speaking at dedication; BPC work team; one of water tanks set up for Tabo people; BPC worship service; thankful together; BPC banner of welcome; flyer for Perspectives Missions Course at BPC, people coming to summer service.



Wycliffe USA – interactive Bible translation displays at Wycliffe USA Headquarters; bookcase where Tabo New Testament is shelved; us holding a copy.



Sunrise on Aramia River, homeland of Tabo people of PNG — friends and neighbors we came to love, and partners in Bible translation and church planting for 19 years.


Tabo New Testament Dedication, Sept 30, 2006 


Beautiful smile!  Unlike her parents and grandparents, this Tabo youngster grew up hearing the Good News of Jesus in her own language.

42 Beautiful smile