In Trouble

Pulitzer Prize winner Isaac Bashevis Singer wrote, “Whenever I’m in trouble, I pray.  Since I’m always in trouble, I pray a lot.”

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Jesus in his humanity, like us, experienced every conceivable struggle with suffering and sin. Unlike us, in each struggle he was victorious. Heb. 2:16 says this is why he compassionately and capably HELPS us in our need today.

“Helps” is a small, seemingly cliché word in English. But it translates a 6-syllable compound word in Greek – “eπi-lambanηtai,” more fully meaning “from a superior vantage reaching down, grabbing hold, not letting go.”

This kind of help is more than getting a divine nod of approval to our own plans in life. It is more than a spiritual boost to our own goodness or determination to do what’s right.

The image is of a little girl about to run into traffic picked up by her dad and protected in his arms. Or of a toddler struggling to behave, whose mom picks him up and settles him for a while on her lap – “I love you. You can get down once you’ve decided to share.”

Who are those who receive this kind of help? All those who by grace through faith continue to look to Jesus whenever they’re in trouble. And as Bashevis Singer noted, if we’re honest, that pretty much means all of the time.

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