By the Numbers

This year, some startling numbers helped confirm for us God’s leading to step out into new ministry with Taking Care Beyond, using gifts and experience the Lord has given us to provide pastoral care for mission communities around the world:

  • 480,000 – Number of pastors in the US
  • 320,000 – Churches in the US where those pastors work or want to find a job
  • 1,200 – Applicants for a missions pastor job at a multi-campus church in NC
  • 110 – Applicants for a job at a medium-sized Ohio church
  • 1 – Number of couples that applied, were accepted, and began preparing to go provide pastoral care for Wycliffe mission communities this coming year … no guaranteed pay, of course.

A few other numbers were equally stirring:

  • 500,000,000 – Adherents of one major religion in SE Asia, of whom 86% have yet to speak with a follower of Jesus.
  • 1,600 – People groups without access to the Scriptures in a language that speaks to their hearts.
  • 88 – Number of countries where Wycliffe missionaries are working.

Missionaries serve on the front lines of Kingdom ministry in almost every nation on earth. Their aim in mission is reaching all people groups on earth with the Good News of Jesus. They work tirelessly with little recognition. They continually give so that others can receive and be blessed.

They give much for others, but who gives spiritually to them?

Missionaries have the same need for pastoral care we all do. They can struggle in their marriages, parenting, and finances. They need wisdom in making decisions, dealing with a difficult boss, caring for one another in community. They need spiritual replenishing when the well of ministry runs dry.

The need is great, but the workers are few. Of course, not all can go serve mission communities around the world, but the Lord has made a way for us to do so. We can’t do this alone, though. We need a team of people like you who support us in giving and prayer. Thank you so much for being an integral part of Taking Care Beyond

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