Secret of Letting Go

The secret of trapeze artistry is in letting go at exactly the right time, trusting the hands of a stronger, more experienced partner to catch you.

trapeze artistry

This same secret is at the heart of any grace-filled adventure with Jesus. We obediently let go, trusting him to catch us. And he always does! Several personal examples already in this new year …

  • Final Sunday of ministry at OCF after 11 years of serving. Hard for us to let go, and hard for dear friends to let us go. But filled with blessings of fond memories, kind thoughts, gifts of appreciation, and prayers for blessing.
  • Passing of Karen’s mom just 3 days later. Hard to say goodbye, yet thankful that the discomfort mom endured for nearly 2 years is now over. There were tears, but they didn’t dampen our celebration of the gift mom was to us and so many others.
  • Sending our passports off to the PNG embassy, hoping they’d arrive safely, and that visas would be stamped and passports returned in time for our scheduled date of departure.

The Lord calls us all to continually release to him all that is precious – family, friends, the familiar, our future plans. We do this so we can more fully embrace the call of his Kingdom, and, in so doing, receive back all we’ve let go of and far more besides. Jesus said, “Whoever holds on to earthly life ends up losing it, but whoever lets go of life for my sake and the sake of the Good News will discover what it means to really live” (Mark 8:35).

Thank you, all, for the various ways you are supporting us in ministry. In this, you too are letting go, giving of yourselves – your time, your resources, your prayers – for the sake of advancing God’s Kingdom throughout the world.

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