Following 19 years of serving the Tabo people of Papua New Guinea in Bible translation and church planting, we returned to the US in 2006 to serve in pastoral ministry for a local church.  Near the end of 11 years in that ministry, we began sensing God stirring us to return to a more active and full-time role in missions, to join others committed to the Good News of Jesus becoming accessible to all people on earth.  So, after much prayerful consideration, at the end of 2017 we stepped out by faith into a new season of ministry — Taking Care Beyond.

In serving with Taking Care Beyond we provide pastoral care for missionaries around the world in the communities where they serve, giving spiritually to ones who give so much for the sake of others.  

We try to resource three or four mission communities annually.  In 2018, the first full year of service with TCB, we took two ministry trips to Papua New Guinea and one to Tanzania-Uganda.  This year, in addition to returning to those communities, we’ve been invited to Indonesia.  Possible opportunities for the future include Brazil, Mexico, Thailand, and West Africa.

Taking Care Beyond serves under the umbrella of Pastors Beyond, a ministry established over 30 years ago to resource Wycliffe missionaries working in the cause of Bible translation.  While pastoring couples are free to serve missionaries of any organization, they are asked to give needs of Wycliffe communities first priority.

As believers, we know God uses his Word to draw us to faith and teach us how to live in loving relationship with him.  We also know that, although the Scriptures exist (at least in part) for 3,000 languages of the world, some 1,500 people groups still need the Scriptures in their own language. Having God’s Word in their heart language allows fruitful church planting and discipleship to follow. 

It is the goal of Wycliffe and similarly minded visionaries to see Bible translation begun for each of these remaining people groups by 2025. Just 6 years away!  Remarkably, achievement of this milestone is still truly in sight!

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So then, we feel both privileged and excited to have a role in what God is doing in Kingdom ministry at this time.  But we can’t do it alone.  We need a team of partners, ones who will stay informed and pray, as well as those who give towards the cost of ministry, living expenses, and travel.  We’d be thrilled if you decide to partner with us in this great venture.

Tim & Karen

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