Taking Care Beyond is a non-profit 501(c)3 ministry, fully IRS compliant.  The ministry is served by a Board of Directors that conducts matters of business and provides financial and spiritual accountability.  An annual meeting is held each December, with other meetings scheduled during the year as necessary.

Laurie Weigelt — Bay Presbyterian Church, Bay Village, OH (pictured with husband Jim). Laurie (with Jim) have a desire to be an active part of the Great Commission, sharing the Good News of Jesus locally (Cleveland) and beyond to the rest of the world. They’ve been on frequent mission trips to Guatemala with Habitat for Humanity and Living Waters for the World, as well as had significant ongoing local involvement in mentoring refugee families, training inner city Kids Church leaders, and prison ministry.

Greg Loesch — Ontario Christian Fellowship, Mansfield, OH (pictured with wife Lynne). In a number of churches over the years, the Loesches have actively engaged and led in home-church ministries. They are motivated by Great Commandment and Great Commission hearts to see yet more people come to know Jesus as Savior and Lord, in their own community here as well as globally.  Besides serving as Vice President of Taking Care Beyond, Greg also serves on the board of Oyate Concern, a ministry to Lakota Native Americans of South Dakota.

Libby Peterson — Bay Presbyterian Church, Bay Village, OH (pictured with husband Eric).  Libby has served at BPC for 26 years in children’s and family ministries, and along with Eric (and other couples) helps facilitate a fruitful missional community from their home. She loves helping young families come to follow Jesus closely, and has an equally strong interest in seeing the global mission of Jesus advance so that all families on earth might be blessed through Him.

Awny Malik — Toledo Calvary Church, Toledo, OH (pictured with wife Maha). The Maliks served in their local church in Egypt until immigrating to the U.S. 13 years ago; they ministered to kids, youth, and women, led in worship, and helped minister to the poor of Cairo. Today, Awny is a Cost Engineer in the Oil and Energy field, and Maha volunteers in refugee resettlement.  They love using their time, skills, and talents to help others come to know the love and salvation God has freely given them.

Mark Hrubik — Linworth Baptist Church, Columbus OH (pictured with wife Carol). For 30 years the Hrubiks were active in their local church in Fairfax, VA, serving in various adult, children, and youth ministries.  For a number of those years Mark served on the deacon board and Carol on the women’s ministry team.  They recently relocated to Dublin OH, when Mark’s career with the federal government came to a close and a new job opened in Columbus.  They support the ministry of Taking Care Beyond (and other global mission efforts) and look forward to serving together in their new home church. 

Tim and Karen Schlatter — President and Secretary/Treasurer of Taking Care Beyond, and those who do the primary work of this ministry, providing pastoral care for missionaries in various communities where they serve around the world.